Why You Should Choose Us

Custom Designed Lesson Plans

All our lesson plans and courses are specially designed according to the school’s input.  Whether it be the purpose of the lesson (Phonics, Creative writing, etc), the difficulty level or the theme of the class, we can create a whole curriculum which matches our compliments what the school is teaching in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

Highly Qualified and Passionate Teachers

Every one of our teachers is picked not only for their qualifications, but also for their passion and their love of teaching.  Our team of teachers brings teaching experience from all over the world, bringing the students not only an English lesson, but also a cultural experience. 

Interactive and Pioneering Teaching Methods

We believe that learning should not be a repetitive memorising session. Instead, it should be filled with enjoyable activities which help imprint communication into the children’s minds though fun and interesting activities.  Each one of our teachers have their own teaching style, whether it be games, discussions or group competitions, they will ensure the student learn as well as have fun.

Progress Report (for school, students & parents)

Even though we believe in a stress-free environment for learning, we also believe that students need to be evaluated so that their parents and teachers can know how far they have progressed.  That’s why we have special “teacher assistant teams” who will frequently visit classes in order to:

  • evaluate teacher quality.
  • - assess student’s progress throughout the course.
  • - ensure that teaching materials are adequate and suitable for the students.
  • - provide a full report for the school in order to ensure that all curriculum and student’s progress are meeting the school and parent’s standards. 

Public Liability Insurance

Synergy purchases Public Liability Insurance for all of our classes. The insurance covers Synergy against public liability claims. The main cover is for bodily injury and/ or damage to third party property. Therefore, your school and students are under the best protection.

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