Worldwide Development

Guangzhou and Beijing

As there is great potential in the Chinese market, Synergy Education has officially started operating in Guangzhou and Beijing. In 2013, Synergy Education also began supplying mainland agents with our textbooks. At the same time, we also began to provide quality educational services in other regions, and gradually we have established a good brand reputation among mainland institutions.

South Korea

To enable students to have more opportunities to improve their language proficiency in context we organised the 'Korean Dream'; an overseas academic exchange programme. Through this programme not only do students develop their communication skills in a dynamic real life context, but participat­ing students also enhance their English proficiency and experience another culture.


We have successfully provided advisory services to publishers in Singapore and an e-learning plat­form to share experiences and related educational services expertise.

United Kingdom

So as to strengthen the quality of our educational services and diversify their development, we have conducted several research tripsto world-class educational institutions. We will implement our expertise gained from these foreig'n educational services in Hong Kong.

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